The LIVE Web

a.k.a. the real-time web

Posted on: November 21, 2009


Facebook and Facebook’s Wikipedia page

Twitter and Twitter’s Wikipedia page

TweetDeck and TweetDeck’s Wikipedia page

eBay and eBay’s Wikipedia Page

UStream and UStream’s Wikipedia page

ESPN360 and ESPN 360’s Wikipedia page


The real-time web on Wikipedia

ReadWriteWeb’s introduction to the real-time web

The Huffington Post on security and the real-time web

Google Latitude and it’s Wikipedia entry

A ReadWriteWeb article about instant messaging

NYU Local’s coverage of the 2009 Kimmel occupation and a Wikipredia page about microblogging

American Journalism Review article on Twitter as a journalism tool



What is real-time IM?

Mashable article on emerging trends of the real-time web

BusinessWeek on investing in the real-time web

GigaOm looks at Google vs. the live web

WIRED thinks the live web is leaving Google behind!

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